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Ray McCallum
8th Degree Black Belt

  Certified Member

Ray McCallum

  Raymond was a wild one, the wildest I ever knew, he lived his life differently than folks like me and you. Cause Raymond was a fighter, the baddest in the land, if you stood in front of Raymond there was trouble close at hand. He started fighting as just a kid, beating the best when he was so young, he'd throw techniques and combinations and never know where they came from. Some people called him a natural, the best they'd ever seen, others said he was just dangerous, too young and strong and mean. Other fighters they would train for the competition they'd be in, Raymond just rode his Harley, and came to tournaments to win. Raymond took on all comers, who you were, he didn't care, if you made it to the final fight, you'd find Raymond standing there. He'd stand over his fallen victims, and look down with an icy glare, as if to say if you want some more, then get up if you dare. Then he'd turn and face the crowd,and throw his hands up in the air, And hoop and holler to let them know, the boy from Texas had been there. For ten years he kept on winning, he claimed every tournament in the land, he fought all over America, and Europe and Japan. Can't say he was never beaten, but his foes never found his back, Raymond knew only one way to fight, it was attack, attack, attack. Well Raymond he don't fight no more, his days in the ring are done, yeah, fame is fleeting and fickle, the crowd cheers a new champion. But if you look down around Dallas, you'll find him with any luck, either riding on his Harley, or working on some old truck. Wow he's just an aging redneck' You'd never know all that he's done, He won't waste your time with talking about all the fights that he has won.  

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