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Demetrius Havanas
3rd Degree Black Belt

  Certified Member

Demetrius Havanas

  Demetrius “Golden Greek” Havanas (1950-81) American Karate Champion and Instructor. In 1967, Havanas, also known as the “Greek” or the “Golden Greek of Texas.” Began martial arts training at one of Allen Steen’s Texas Karate Institute schools in Dallas. Over the years he trained with Jerry Wiseman, Tim Tiah, Larry Caster, Skipper Mullins and Fred Wren. As a brown belt he won 90 straight tournaments in both form and fighting competition. He received his black belt in 1971, and won thirteen grand championships in the same year. From 1971-75 Havanas was consistently rated among America’s top 10 karate fighters.

In 1975, entering full-contact competition, he won the PKA U.S. Welterweight Championship. He amassed a record of 39-4 with 24 knockouts, and the Star System ranked him number-one world welterweight contender in 1980-81.

He was scheduled for a world title fight against champion Howard Jackson. He was killed on July 23, 1981 in an airplane accident.

Texas martial arts lost a great talent, probably the closest thing to Bruce Lee caliber skills and charisma we will ever see. The Amateur Organization of Karate (AOK) named it’s highest annual honor (The Golden Greek Award) starting in 1982 in his honor. Tim Kirby was the first in a long list of junior and adult Black Belts to win this coveted award.

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